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The Contortionist

The Contortionist - Intrinsic Double Vinyl (Pinwheel Splatter)

The Contortionist - Intrinsic Double Vinyl (Pinwheel Splatter)

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12" 180g Double LP Pressed on clear/grape pinwheel with white and blue splatter.
Limited pressing of 1,100 worldwide. Only 10 available

1) Holomovement
2) Feedback Loop
3) Causality
4) Sequential Vision
5) Geocentric Confusion
6) Dreaming Schematics
7) Anatomy Anomalies
8) Cortical
9) Solipsis
10) Parallel Trance

Intrinsic dives deep inside the mind. Moving across several operatic sections, the record transports listeners on a journey through the apparent holographic reality we call “experience,” through our very consciousness and metaphysical archetypes. Toward the album’s conclusion the band ultimately imagines advancements in neuroscience that would broaden and challenge who we are. All of the music, of course, captures these themes.

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